A pretty Spring time scene that you can use as free Easter clip art.

Victorian trade card women inside an egg.

Click on the image for larger version of this springtime Victorian trade-card that you can use as free Easter clip art.

The three ladies inside the egg could be nurses, I’m not sure. If anyone is familiar with this type of outfit, please do leave a comment and enlighten us. That this image is European in nature is apparent by the species of squirrel, so it could be ethnic garb our trio is sporting. I just don’t know.

This is an old Victorian era trade card that would have been distributed to customers (or potential customers) as a collectible way to advertise a business or service. Scrapbooking was a popular occupation then as it is now, and a colorful Easter card such as this one would have been added to some happy collectors scrapbook.

What my scan probably failed to capture is the lovely gold printing on the inside of the egg. It’s a beautiful example of 19th century printing.