A free coloring book page from an antique coloring book.

With a song in his heart, this blackcap warbler, a vintage coloring book illustration, is ready for eager artists to color in and enjoy.

Suggestions For Coloring In Your Blackcap Warbler Bird Coloring Page

Although I personally have never met the blackcap warbler, his song is described in this Wikipedia entry on the blackcap warbler as “a pleasant chattering”. One would not know this by looking at our illustration. Our feathered friend looks a little tight-beaked. Why do you think this is? Is he angry, or is he keeping a secret? He does appear to be wearing a jaunty little cap. Turn it into a party hat by embellishing it with sequins and glitter to cheer him up and start him chattering again.

You can get an idea of his color scheme in this photograph, by Jakub Stančo: